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Circular Patterson Foreign Body Fluoroscope

Patterson Hand-held Fluoroscope

Patterson Hand-held Fluoroscope

Wolf Operating Fluoroscope



Bellows-Type Fluoroscope

Red Adaptation Goggles

X-Ray Goggles

Robert Wood's Barium Platinocyanide
Radelin Adaptometer      

X-Ray and Imaging Equipment

Caulk X-ray Film Chest

X-ray Film and Plates

Film Cassettes

Plate Marker

Image Intensifier Tube

Wimshurst Static Machine

Induction Coil

Induction Coil


Interval Timer

French X-ray Timer

Spinner GE Angligner
Victoreen X-ray Filters
The MacLagan Penetrometer
Step Wedge  


Dental X-ray Illuminator

Dental X-ray Projector

Intra-Oral Stereoscope


Wood Bite Blocks

Dental Film
Dental Film Safes
Intra-Oral Cassette and Film Intra-oral Film Blocks

Indian Head X-ray Reflector

The Dentoscope




Dr. Bordier's Chromoradiomètre

Dr. Hampson's Roentgen Radiometer

Contrast Agents

Thorotrast and Umbrathor

I-X Barium Meal


Protective Equipment


Therapy Eye Shields

X-Ray Lead Gloves

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Shoe-Fitting Fluoroscope

X-ray and Gas Discharge Tubes

X-ray Tubes - Coolidge

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