Mystery Dome-Shaped Source 

This dummy source, at least I think it is a dummy source, is 5/8" tall and 1/2" in diameter.  It is made from nickel coated brass (non-magnetic). The end is threaded so that it could be attached to some sort of holder. When a holder is being threaded into a source like this, the latter can't be allowed to spin. How this would have been accomplished with this source is not clear. 

It seems to have been milled from solid stock - there are no welds. This might have been done to simplify the construction.   Unfortunately, I have no information about this device other than the fact that it was found in a box that contained dummy sources. It might simply be something that fell off an automobile.  If it is a source, I can only speculate that it was used for industrial radiography or instrument calibrations. 


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