Radium Matches (ca. 1915 - 1940) 

An empty box of "Radium Silent Matches produced by the Ohio Match Company of Wadsworth Ohio.  Unfortunately I have very little information to provide about this item.

"Radium Matches" were mentioned in an advertisement that appeared in the September 30, 1916 issue of the Milwaukee Journal. According to the ad, the Ohio Match Company also produced Blue Tip Matches, Rosebud Matches, and Ohio Noiseless Matches. Silent or Noiseless matches are perfect for the times when you want to light up and someone else is trying to go to sleep.

Many years later, in 1935, Ohio Match Company Radium Matches were advertised in the August 28 issue of the Daily Mail (Hagerstown, Maryland). The ad noted that you didn't need to sacrifice value and serviceabilty "if you insist on Radium Brand When you Buy matches."

Size:  2.75"  x 5"  x  1.75" 

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