Radium Razor Blade (ca. 1925-1940)

These razor blades were manufactured by Otto Roth Inc., the same outfit that made the Radium Clipper. The company was located at 11-15 E. Runyon Street in Newark, New Jersey.

The product was advertized as the "Better Razor Blade." In other words, it was supposed to be better than the blades produced by Gillette. Conveniently, these Radium Blades could be used in a Gillette holder.

Quoting the product packaging:

"These blades are ACTUALLY what their name expresses: A 'Better Blade' "


From a 1930 advertisement:

"made of the finest razor steel" with a "uniform double edge of enduring keenness that the toughest most wiry whiskers cannot withstand."

The assigned date (ca. 1925 - 1940) is based on the fact that I have located newspaper references to this product as early as 1926 and as late as 1938.

The example to the right is a bit rusty. If they shaved, real men wouldn't care about that. But they don't.

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