Modified CD V-715 from Brookhaven National Lab. (ca. 1970s)

This CD V-715 was modified at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) so that its ranges were increased by a factor of ten. Rather than have an upper range of 0 - 500 R/hr, this modified version could handle up to 5,000 R/hr.   The multiplication factors for the range switch were increased (see photo below left), a plate reading out in R/min was added to the meter face (see photo bottom left),  and to top it off, the handle was painted purple.

In the above photo, notice how an extra zero was added to each range (e.g., X1 became X10) and how X0.10 became X 1.



These modified CD V-715 meters were assigned to the BNL firefighters. They were also kept in emergency kits at the lab's reactors (ca. early 1970s to early 1990s). The meter shown here was kept at the Medical Division's reactor  (Building 491).  


Steve Musolino, personal communication.


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