CD V-725 Pocket Dosimeter (ca. late 1990s)

Why the CD V-725 shown below is unlabelled is a little bit of a mystery. At least to me.  Perhaps it was a prototype or part of an early production run that didn't meet specifications. I suspect that it was made prior to 1996 at what was FEMA's Government Owned Contractor Operated (GOCO) facility in Rolla, North Dakota. Nevertheless, it might have been manufactured after then when the facility was privatized and became Arrow-Tech. The latter currently markets a commercial version of this dosimeter that they refer to as their Model 725.
As can be seen in the photograph above right, the CD V-725 measures exposures in the 0 - 5 R range.   Size: 4" long, 1/2" diameter. Donated by the Northern Ohio Chapter of the Health Physics Society courtesy of John Wills.
Above is the "official" version of the dosimeter.  In other words, it has the label identifying it as a CD V-725. As of 2006, the only use of the CD V-725s that I know of is in the Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) program. Donated by a kind friend.

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