CD V-799 Electronic Calibrator for Aerial Survey Meter (ca. 1980s)

Performing a true radiological calibration on an aerial survey meter such as the CD V-781 is no small task. Doing an electronic calibration is much easier. This particular electronic calibrator was designed by the good folks down the street at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) for use on retrofitted CD V-781 Model 1.

On Channel 1 it generates pulse rates equivalent to 80 mR/hr on the 781's low range 0.1 R/hr meter. On Channel 2 it generates pulse rates equivalent to 0.8 R/hr on the 781's mid-range 1.0 R/hr meter, and on Channel 3 it generates pulse rates equivalent to 8 R/hr on the 781's high range 10 R/hr meter.

Size: 7" x 5" x 4"

Thanks go to the kind donor of this item, Rob Stone

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