Landsverk Fallout Radiation Measurement Set (1960s)

The Fallout Radiation Measurement Set was produced by the Landsverk Electrometer Company of Glendale California sometime in the 1960s. It is essentially identical to the Bendix Family Radiation Measurement Kit except that it sold for $34.95 whereas the Bendix Kit sold for $24.95. Both sets came with a dosimeter charger, two direct reading pocket chambers and a battery (missing in this example).  The set also came with copy of the OCD's booklet Handbook for Radiological Monitors (not shown).

As the text on the box notes: "Reliable personal protection can be carried in your pocket." The mushroom cloud on the box top, which folds up for display purposes, is a nice touch.

One dosimeter is identified on both the barrel and on the scale as the model L-730 (L for Landsverk). It is unique in that it functions as a combination dosimeter/dose rate meter. The top scale reads from 0 to 20 R, just like the standard CD V-730, however the L-730 has a bottom scale that reads from 0 to 200 R/hr (see photo below left)! To determine the dose rate, the dosimeter is zeroed and after a six minute deployment, the dose rate is read off the bottom scale.

The other pocket dosimeter, identified on the barrel as the L-746, reads up to 600 R (just like the CD V-746 in the Bendix Family Radiation Measurement Kit). Despite this, the scale identifies it with the following military designation: IM 93/UD (see photo below right). So when the box top states "Highest quality as supplied to the U.S. Civil Defense and Military," they were simply stating the truth.

The charger is  a standard CD V-750 Model 5A.


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