R-C Scientific Instrument Company “Dosifilm” Badge (early – mid 1950s)

“Dosifilm” was the name given to the film badge produced by the R-C Scientific Instrument Company of Playa del Rey, California . The assigned date (early to mid 1950s) is based on the fact that a very similar version of this badge was pictured in an advertisement in the November 1952 issue of Nucleonics.

Two film packets (Dupont 558 dental film) are located inside a maroon-colored plastic (polyvinyl chloride) pouch held shut at the top with a nickel plated metal tab. 

Inside the pouch, the packets are held together with a lead-silver clip that serves as a filter.

When exposed to x-rays, the number on the metal tab will appear on the developed film.

Size:  1.75" x  2.25"

Weight: 0.5 oz

Donated by Ron Kathren


Atomic Energy Commission Radiation Instrument Catalog No. 3, 1952. Page PF-9A.

Nucleonics, November 1952, p. 129.

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