Atomaqua (1968)

This bottle of desalinated water was produced by Southern California Edison for "Nuclear Week in New York" which was held May 18-26, 1968. California's wine industry obviously provided the inspiration for the bottle.

That was the year that Unit 1 of the utility's San Onofre plant began operating. Since the site hadn't yet been connected to the City of San Clemente's water system, they had to build a seawater distillation unit to provide freshwater (fifty gallons per minute). The City began supplying sufficient water to the site by the time that Units 2 and 3 were constructed and no additional distillers were required.

So that no energy would be wasted, the heat for the distiller was supplied by the reactor's low pressure steam! 

"Eau d'atomique," of course, means "atomic water."

 Donated by the Nucleus

Much of this information was kindly provided by Gene Cramer, a So CAL employee from 1969 to 1995.

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