Instrument Development Laboratories Model 162 Binary Scaler  (1946 - 1948)

Instrument Development Laboratories was founded by John Kuranz, Thomas Mitchell and James Schoke in 1946 and their first product was a binary scaler.   In 1947 the company became known as the Nuclear Instrument and Chemical Corporation - the new name started to be used in 1948. In 1954 the name changed to Nuclear Chicago.

The collection also has a version of the Model 162 manufactured by the company when it became known as the Nuclear Instrument and Chemical Corporation.

This very early binary scaler employs a scale of 128. Since it has no mechanical register, an external unit was required.

Scale: scale of 128

High Voltage:  0-2500 volts

Size: 14" x 21" x 9.5"

Donated by Ron Kathren


Grigg, E.R.N., The Trail of the Invisible Light, Charles C Thomas, Springfield 1965.

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