Monitors and Scalers

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Binary Scalers

Instrument Development Laboratories Model 162

Nuclear Instrument and Chemical Corp. Model 162

Nuclear-Chicago "Count-O-Matic"

Bendix Model 222 Binary scaler

Lionel Model 455 Scaler-Ratemeter

Decimal Scalers

Berkeley Model 1000B

Berkeley Model 110

Rate Meters and Monitors

Berkeley Counting Rate Computer

El-Tronics Model DS-7A Classroom Demonstrator

EMI Radiation Contamination Monitor

Nuclear Instrument and Chemical Corp. "Classmaster"



RCL Alpha "Poppy"

Tracerlab Laboratory Monitor

Victoreen Model 575 "Radocon"


Glow Transfer Tube Scalers

Baird Atomic Model 135

Pulse Height Analyzers

Norelco Pulse Height Analyzer

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