Great Radium Spring Water Co. Bottles (ca. 1920)

This embossed glass bottle was produced by the Great Radium Spring Water Co. Inc. of Pittsfield Mass.

I have almost no information about this company, but thanks to some detective work on the part of Todd Jackson, we know that the Pittsfield telephone directory  listed the Great Radium Spring Water Company at 24 North Street from 1919 through 1922.

Was there really a "Radium Spring" in or around Pittsfield?  Was the water elevated in activity? If you have the answers, I'd love to hear from you.

Size:  10" tall

It is clear that the Great Radium Spring Water Company used these bottles for a variety of drinks, e.g., Mayflower Ginger Ale. See the photo below left (kindly provided by Terry Palmiter).

Embossed glass bottles made by the Great Radium Spring Water Co. of Pittsfield MA, at least those without a paper label,  are pretty common. But the bottle shown in the photo above right is the only example in stoneware that I have ever encountered.

Of equal interest is the paper label glued to the bottom of the bottle that partially covers the stamped letters “G. R. S.”   The small text across the bottom of the label reads “Open Schools to Epileptics,” and the handwritten date of 12-25-66,  suggests that this might have been a Christmas present. See below.


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