Box for Radiumchema Radioactive Compress (ca. 1930)

A box for a Radiumchema  pad produced by the Chemical Works Kolin-Jachymov in Czechoslovakia. 

According to the stamp/seal on the back of the box (photo below) Radiumchema manufactured "The only radioactive products authorized by the State Establishments in St. Joachimsthal." 

The pad was guaranteed to contain 0.1 milligrams of radium by no less than the Institut du Radium at the Laboratoire Curie in Paris! 

The certificate on the back (photo lower right) was signed by Sonia Cotelle, a Polish radiochemist who worked with Marie Curie. Cotelle would later die as a result of severe radiation exposures.

Size:  9" x 7" x 1/2"


Donated by Merril Eisenbud.


The photo below shows Radiumchema workers sewing the Compresses. That to the right shows the Compresses being boxed up.

The images below indicate where it is to be worn on the body and the effects.

Thanks go to Onno Pietersen for locating the images from the Raduimchema factory.

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