Radiumchema Emanator Apparatus (ca. 1920s) 



This is an early radium emanator designed to add radon directly into a drinking glass. To use it, water was poured into the top. Over time, the radon gas produced by the decay of the device's internal radium source entered and charged the water. The internal source (removed from this example) was a white ceramic cylinder.

Size:  ca. 12" high, 3.5" widest diameter

Manufactured by the Radiumchema company in St. Joachimstal in what used to be Czechoslovakia. After World War II, the name of the town changed to Joachymov.  To see another product from Radiumchema, click here.

The label (photo to right) reads:


St. Joachimstal


Nr 13521


10,000 Mache Einheitenin

24 Stunden

Chemische Fabriken A.G. Hohn

Abt. Radiumchema

The indicated strength of the device, 10,000 Mache units equates to 3,600,000 pCi/l in water. Radiumchema made five versions of this device ranging from 5,000 to 100,000 Mache units. This 10,000 Mache example was the Type B version. 


Exposure Rate: Daniel Gmnder has reported that the exposure rate at one foot from the 20,000 Mache Type C version of this unit was approximately 68 uR/hr above background.


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