Revigator (ca. 1925-1926)

This blue-mottled beauty is probably the least frequently encountered version of the Revigator (a partial explanation for its rarity might be its relatively thin walls which make it extremely fragile).

For a detailed history of the Revigator, click here.

Unlike other versions of the Revigator, the label on this one is on the bottom.

Not only does it have its metal base (often missing on flat-bottomed Revigators), it contains a stiff-bristled brush, a fact that indicates that the previous owner paid attention to the instructions.  The latter read in part:  "scrub with a stiff brush and scald monthly."  The purpose  was to ensure that a scale didn't build up on the porous inner surface, something that would prevent the radon produced in the walls from entering the water.

Size:  ca. 12" high (not including metal stand), 9 1/4" diameter at base, 6" diameter at top

Exposure Rates:  ca. 35 uR/hr above background at one foot

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