Tamagawa Onsen-no Hana (2005)

These porous paper envelopes, containing a mixture of sulfur and clay (kaolin), are distributed by the Yuze Hotel in Japan. The latter is located at a hot mineral spring reputed to have therapeutic properties. 

Said to provide the benefits of hot mineral water (onsen) in the home, the packets are supposed to be squeezed (rather than opened) in 180 to 200 liters of bath water. Bathing in the water helps alleviate "skin rash, sprains, shoulder aches (tension), neuralgia (nervous pain), rheumatism, frostbite, hemorrhoids, chills, athletes foot, back ache, and jock itch." According to the manufacturer, it should only be used in wooden or porcelain tubs. After bathing, children are cautioned to wash off thoroughly.

The radioactive component, provided by the kaolin clay, is nearly pure thorium. Uranium is almost completely absent.

Count rate: approximately 300 counts per minute above background with pancake GM

Size: 3 1/4"  x  4 1/4"

Donated by T. Fujiki

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