Wellrich Health Card (2005)

The Health Card is a laminated paper card manufactured by the Wellrich Company, Ltd. of Osaka Japan. It is intended to be carried in a purse, wallet or pocket.   

According to the text on the back of the card: "The emission of negative ions will free you from stress and protect you from electromagnetic waves. Will eliminate nicotine and tar from cigarettes while retaining the mild flavor [the latter is exactly the same claim as was made for the NAC plate and Nicoclean]. The benefits of the Wellrich Health Card will last forever as it contains natural spa minerals."  Translation courtesy of Terry Fujiki.

The back of the card has a thin layer of brown sand (probably monazite) containing thorium-232 and the rest of the thorium decay series. This radioactive sand is responsible for the "emission of negative ions" referred to above. 

The front of the card shows a waterfall because the air around a waterfall is ionized and this ionization is supposed to produce a feeling of well-being.




Size: 2"  x  3 1/4"

Price: approximately $10 - $15

Count Rate:  approximately 1,000 counts per minute above background as measured with a pancake GM probe.

Donated by William Kolb

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