IM-112/PD Pocket Dosimeter (ca. late 1950s, 1960s)

The IM-112/PD is a military direct reading pocket dosimeter that measures gamma ray and thermal neutron exposures in the 0 200 mrem range. This particular example was manufactured by the Landsverk Electrometer Company. The commercial version of this dosimeter is the Landsverk Model L-49 for which the claimed accuracy is +/- 10% for gammas and +/- 20% for neutrons.

Size: 0.5 diameter and 4 long

Weight: 0.5 oz.

Manufacturer: Landsverk Electrometer Corp.

Price: $45.00 in 1968.


Advertisement in the May 1958 issue of Nucleonics.p 33. 

Advertisement in the February 1962 issue of Health Physics p.i.

Landsverk Instrument Catalog, G-14 (enclosed price list dated June 1, 1968)

Kindly donated by Amelia V. Engelmann.

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