El-Tronics SGM-18A GM Survey Meter (late 1940s)

This is  a GM survey meter manufactured for the Atomic Energy Commission in the late 1940s by El-Tronics Inc. of Philadelphia.  The only model number on it is SGM-18A, a designation used by the Atomic Energy Commission.  Volume IV of the military's Radiological Defense shows a picture of this unit and states that the El-Tronics model number is SM-3 and that the military designation is AN/PDR-26. The AEC's Radiation Instrument Catalog Number 2 (with a page date of July 1, 1950) shows the SGM-18B, but not the SGM-18A. A 1950 El-Tronics advertisement in Nucleonics for their Model PR-3, which is obviously the same as the SGM-18B, describes several "new" features. Although not stated as such, these features are in clear contrast to those of the older SGM-18A (aka the SM-3 or AN/PDR-26).  


Range:  0 - 0.2, 0 - 2.0, 0 - 20 mR/hr

Size:  ca. 4 1/2"  x  9"  x  6"

Output:  No speaker but it has a phone jack

Batteries: This baby is packing a serious set of batteries - two 45 volt "B" cells, one 1.5 volt radio "A" cell, and three 300 volt cells.


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Campbell , D.C. , Radiological Defense , U.S. Armed Forces Special Weapons Project, Volume IV, 1950.

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