El-Tronics PR-7 GM Survey Meter (ca. 1955)

The most distinctive feature of the El-Tronics Model PR-7 GM survey meter was the changing meter scale. When the range switch was set at 0.2, a green meter scale appeared reading from 0 to 0.2 mR/hr.  Setting the switch at 2 caused a yellow meter scale to appear that read from 0 to 2.0 mR/hr (see image to right), and when the range switch was turned to 20, a red scale appeared reading from 0 to 20 mR/hr. Similar displays were used by instruments such as the Tracerlab SU-10 and the military's AN/PDR-T1B. The idea was to reduce the possibility of misreading the meter.

Like the Sears Model 6158, which El-Tronics manufactured, the PR-7 had an external GM probe that could be stored inside the case.

Range:  0 - 0.2 mR/hr (green),

              0 - 2.0 mR/hr (yellow)

              0 - 20 mR/hr (red)

Size:  ca. 5"  x  8"  x  5"

Weight: ca. 7.5 lbs

Output:  No speaker but it has a phone jack and a neon light the flashes of which indicate the count rate.

Batteries: one 1.5 volt, two 67.5 volt.


Price:  $200.00 (1955)

The GM tube had a relatively thin wall that allowed the PR-7 to respond to betas down to 200 keV.


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