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Instruments Available in Early 1940s

First commercially available survey meter

Victoreen Model 263, the "Doc"

Instruments Developed During WW II

"Zeuto" from Metallurgical Laboratory


Gamma-only version of the Zeus

Victoreen Model 300 "Proteximeter"

Chang and Eng Neutron Detector

Instruments from the Mid to Late 1940s

Babbel Counter

Beckman MX-2

Beckman MX-5

Beckman MX-6

"Betty Boop"

"Cutie Pie" from Hanford

El-Tronics SGM-18A

Fisher M-Scope C-12 Geiger Counter


Fisher M-Scope C-18 Geiger Counter

Fisher "M-Scope"

Harvard University GM





Keleket Model K-800 Geiger Counter

NCA Model RM-1 Geiger Counter

Nuclear Instrument & Chemical Corp. "PeeWee"

Tracerlab SU-10 


Tracerlab SU-1 "Cutie Pie"

Stafford Warren's Victoreen X-263 Geiger Counter

 Victoreen "Zeuto"

Victoreen Model 247A and 247B ion chambers


"Walkie Talkie"




Instruments from the 1950s

AEA GM Atomic Research Corp. Model 231 GM Berkeley Model 2080 Portable Scaler Detectron Model DG-2 GM

Detectron Model DG-5 GM

Detectron Model DG-7 GM Detectron Nucliometer Model DR-299 GM Detectron Model DS-234 Scintillation Counter
ECL Electro-Count GM ECL Bismo-Count GM ECL Model EC 9 Scintillation Counter EICO Model 803 GM
Electronic Development Lab Model 101 El-Tronics Model PR-3A GM  El-Tronics  Model PR-4 GM  El-Tronics Model PR-5A GM 


El-Tronics Model PR-7 GM

El-Tronics Model PR-31 Scintillator

El-Tronics Model PR-32  Scintillator Fisher "Uranium Scout"
Goldak U-238 GM Goldak Colorado GM Halross Model 939 Scintillometer Hoffman "Countmaster" scaler/ratemeter




Jordan AG-15 "Radector"

Jordan AGB-50-SR "Radector"

Jordan AG-500 "Radector" 

Jordan AGB-10K-SR


Jordan "Radgun" AGB-10KG-SR Kelly-Koett Model K-350  Ion Chamber    

La Roe Scintillation Counter Model FV-5S

Nuclear-Chicago  Model 2586 "Cutie Pie" 

Nuclear-Chicago Model 2612 End Window GM Nucleonic Company of America Model RM2 GM 
Nucleonic Company of America "Ore-Lokator" GM Nuclear Instr. and Chem. Corp. "Super Sniffer" GM Nuclear Instr. and Chem. Corp. Model 2584 GM   Nuclear Instr. and Chem. Corp. Models 2610 and 2610A GMs 





Nuclear Measurements Corp. Model GS-2 GM Nuclear Measurements Corp. Model GS-3 GM   NUCOR Model D-6 "Samson" NUCOR Model E1D "Rudolph" Neutron Detector
Perfecto "Claim Striker" GM Precision Models 106 and 106B "Lucky Strike" GM Precision Model 107C "Professional" GM

Precision Model 108 "Snooper" GM



Precision Model 109 "Professional" GM 

Precision Model 111 and 111B "Deluxe" Scintillators

Precision Model 115 "Super Scintillator"

Precision Model 117B "Special Scintillator"





Precision Model 118 "Royal Scintillator"

Precision Model 121  "Drill Hole" GM 

Precision Model 123  "Squealer" 

RCA Model WF-10A GM


RCA Model WF-12A GM

 Sears Model 6154 GM

Sears Model 6156 GM Sears Model 6157 GM 





Sears Model 6158 GM

Sears Model 6160 NaI Scintillator

Tracerlab SU-14 GM

Victoreen Model 389 "Thyac" GM

Victoreen Model 631 "Vic-Tic" GM Victoreen Model 641 "Combination Counter"

Victoreen Model 645 "Scintillac" Counter 

Scientific Radio Products Model S 101 Geiger Gun

Shelby "Gammascope" GM Sylvania Model U-235 Radio-GM

White's "Oremaster" Model L3TSM-56 Super Geiger Counter


Instruments from the 1960s


Victoreen Model 592B Dose Rate Meter

Model ANC-100XL "Ray-D-Tec"

Tracerlab Model PS-1 Portable Spectrometer

IRMA Integrating Dose Meter from BNL

Integrating Radiation Monitor from BNL

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