X-Ray and Gas Discharge Tubes

X-ray tubes are inherently interesting, and nothing in the ORAU Museum Collection is more interesting than the gas discharge x-ray tubes shown here. Almost nothing anyway.

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"Before Roentgen" - Tubes not Designed to Produce X-rays

Geissler Tubes Crookes Radiometers Maltese Cross Tube Crookes Railway Tube

Heating Effects Tube Crookes Tube With Three Anodes
"After Roentgen" - Tubes Designed to Produce X-rays
Pregnant Jackson X-ray Tube
Crookes Tube Aetna Electric Co. X-ray Tube Jackson X-ray Tube

Pregnant Jackson X-ray Tube


Queen X-ray Tube Cold Cathode X-ray Tube Cold Cathode X-ray Tube

Pressler Tubes


Pressler Cold Cathode X-ray Tube

Gundelach Light Anode X-ray Tube Gundelach Light Anode X-ray Tubes with Osmotic Regulation
Gundelach Light Anode X-ray Tubes with Regulator
Swett & Lewis
Gundelach "Moment" X-ray Tube Kesselring X-ray Tube Early Kesselring X-ray Tube
NitroKen Tube

Kny-Scheerer X-ray Tube

Water-cooled X-ray Tube

Cancer Treatment X-ray Tube

Bellevue Interrupterless Transformer X-ray Tube

Piffard X-ray Tube Light Anode

Air-Cooled X-ray Tube

Macalaster & Wiggin X-ray Tube

Piffard Safety X-ray Tube with Light Anode

Piffard Safety X-ray Tube with Heavy Anode

Swett & Lewis

Snook X-ray Tube

Victor X-ray Tube Victor X-ray Tube
X-ray Tube with Bauer Regulator X-ray Tube with U-Shaped Regulator    
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