Geiger-Mueller (GM) Tubes

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Click on the photo of the end-window GM (to the right) for a Windows Media Video showing the pulses inside a GM tube. Yes, you can actually see them!   A fast connection would be helpful.

Click on any of the following images for a larger view and more information

GM tube of Robert Millikan

Flat GM tubes for triggering cloud chambers

Early end-window GM tubes

Brain Probe

GM Tube of Unknown Manufacture

GM Tube of Unknown Manufacture

Pancake/end-window Hybrid


Amperex Model 120 NB End Window GM

Amperex Models 100NB and 200NB End Window GMs

Amperex Model 52N Metal Wall GM

Amperex Model 90 NB Metal Wall GM


Amperex End Window GM with Anticoincident Guard Detector

Anton Pancake GM with Two Windows Anton Model 201 End Window GM Tube

Electronic Products Co. Model 5979 End Window GM Tubes

El-Tronics Model G50S GM Tube

EON Type 7323 Peanut GM Tube Lionel Pancake GM Tubes

 NCA Mystery Tube

Nuclear Chicago Models D-33, D-34 and D-37A End Window GMs

Nuc. Instr. Chem. Corp. "Q-gas" Counter

Philips GM Tubes

Raytheon Model CK 1020 and 1021 GMs


RCL Mark 1 Model 3 End Window GM

RCL Mark 1 Model 5

RCL Mark 1 Model 11X GMs

RCL Mark 1 Model 45 GM Tube


RCL Mark 1 Model 70, Mark 1 Model 71 and Model 10306 GMs

RCL Mark 1 Model 81 Dipping Counter

RCL Mark 1 Model 105 Miniature End Window

RCL End Window GMs Models 10104, 10105, 10106


RCL Model 10301 GM Tube

RCL Model 10303 (?) GM Tubes

RCL Model 10305 GM Tube

RCL Model 103?? Thin Wall GM Tube


RCL Model 10399 Peanut GM Tube

Technical Associates Models TA-B1 and TA-B3

Tracerlab TGC-1 and TGC-2 End Window GMs

Tracerlab TGC-3A GM Tube


Tracerlab TGC-5 Glass GM Tracerlab TGC-8 GM for Gammas

Tracerlab Model TGC 315 Annulus Tube

Tracerlab Glass Wall GM Tube


20th Century Electronics Model B 12H

Victoreen Model VG 10 End Window GM Tubes

Victoreen Model VG 18  GM Tube

Victoreen Model 1B85 thin walled GM tube



Victoreen 6306 Bismuth GM Tube

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