General Electric Angligner (ca. 1950s)

This device was used to facilitate radiography of the skull, an area where precise positioning is important.

Quoting the GE catalog:  "this "angle aligner"   -  whose name we have shortened to ANGLIGNER - is actually a protractor with a double faced dial."

"On the protractor side of the dial are two scales - the black one enables you to rotate, extend, or bend the head at the proper angle; the red one helps you to angle the cassette or film holder. On the directional side of the dial [shown in photo] are etched names, angulation limits, et cetera, of various positions used in skull radiography."

"Its beautifully made of polished stainless steel - with etched lines and letters." 

Size:  6" x 3.5" at base. Pointer 15"


General Electric Catalog. X-ray Supplies and Accessories. 1953-1954.

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