Dental X-ray Film Illuminator

This item is an illuminator for x-ray film. It was manufactured by the Professional Manufacturing Company of New York, but I am not sure when. I would guess, based solely on its appearance, that it might date from around 1950. 

The metal case is painted with a wood grain to give the appearance of mahogany. There is an On/Off toggle switch on the right end and a knob to adjust the intensity of the illumination. It employs a single elongate incandescent bulb.

It came with a 12" x 4" sheet of film mounted in a metal frame. The film, produced by the Harry J. Bosworth Company, has 14 numbered x-ray images of teeth. Some of these images appear to be color enhanced. My guess would be that this type of film might have been used to train and/or test dental students.

Any information about this device would be appreciated.

Size:   ca. 14"  x  5 1/2"  x  5"

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