NRD "Nuclespot" Static Eliminator (ca. 1990) 

This is a dummy "Nuclespot Spot Source" static eliminator (ca. 1 1/4" diameter and 3/8" thick) that was manufactured by NRD of Grand Island, New York. The source is a multi-layered gold and silver foil, seen in the photo below left (protected by a metal screen).  An alpha emitting radionuclide, Po-210, is pressure welded into the foil, a process that protects the radioactive material from chemical attack and mechanical vibrations. The alpha particles emitted by the polonium ionize the air within a one to two inch distance of the source, and the ions produced in the air are picked up by anything nearby that has a static charge.  This reduces or eliminates the static charge on that object.

The manufacturer's literature suggests that the Nuclespot  is useful in "space-limited operations" and that it's small size allows it to be installed inside of equipment.

Donated by NRD, Nuclear Radiation Development

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