Slotted Annular Source

This annular dummy source, at least I assume that it is a dummy source, is 7/16" long and 3/16" in diameter. A slot runs completely down one side.  Sources like this were usually loaded with Cs-137 and sometimes Sr-90.  The internal cavity would be so small that it could only hold a fraction of a curie. Not many of these were made.

The catch is that sources are often of a nondescript construction and easily confused with everyday objects. In this case, the "source" looks a great deal like a common roll pin.

An XRF analysis reveals that the main constituents are iron and chromium.  


Karl Haff, personal communication. At different times, Haff headed up ORNL's Source Safety Testing Program and their Radiochemical Processing Program.

Tom Dowling, personal communication.

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