Library of Science Radiation Detection Kit (ca. 1958, 1959)

The cover of the box, (12" x 17" x 2") seen in the photo to the right, reads: "SAFE - SIMPLE - NO SOLDERING Including an operating Geiger Counter, accessories, and a MANUAL for 48 experiments on Ionization, Cosmic Rays, Radioactive Ores, Alpha and Beta Particles, Gamma Rays, Radioactive Sources, X-rays, Scintillation, Radio-autography, Electroscopy. Designed and manufactured by the Library of Science 59 Fourth Avenue, New York 2, N.Y."

The Geiger counter came unassembled. As can be seen in the top photo, a previous owner of this kit came very close to completing the assembly. Assembling it was the fun part. Using it, if it worked, was secondary.

The kit also came with a sample of uranium ore and a pair of pith balls that could be used to make an electroscope. These are present in our kit, but are not shown.

The assembly instructions and the instructions for a variety of experiments are found in the 47 page booklet seen in the photo to the left.

As best as I can determine, this kit was only available from the Library of Science, i.e., it does not seem to have been sold at department or toy stores. The only references I have found to it (from 1958 and 1959) were in publications geared to science teachers. At least one of these indicated that it sold for $3.50.

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