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Container for Radium Sources

Radium Company of Colorado Lead Pig for Radium Needles

Frank Hartman's Lead Pig for Radium Sources

Radium Chemical Co. Lead Pig for Radium Plaques

Shielded Forceps

Radium Chem. Co. Carrier

Nasopharyngeal Radium Applicator

Fundus Applicators


Radon Seed Implanters


Radon Seed Sterilizer

Radon Seed Shipping Container

RCC Display

 Radium Capsules/Screens

Radium Chemical Co. Needles and Tubes

Radium Chemical Co. Radium Container Display

Radium Tube, Cell, Container and Threader

Fletcher Afterloading Applicator System Uterine Radium Applicator    

The following are not in the ORAU Collection but are shown for informational purposes



Radium Plaque


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