Radon Seed Implanters (ca. 1940s - 1950s)

The following photograph shows four radon seed implanters.  The one on the top is 6 1/2" long and was produced by the Radium Emanation Corporation of New York City. The curved unit, second from the top, is 6" long. It has no markings on it, but it is very similar in construction to that produced by the Radium Emanation Corporation. The third from the top is 5 1/4" long, and like the one above it, it has no markings that would identify the manufacturer.  The fourth implanter, 5 1/8" long, was produced by the Radium Chemical Company of New York City.

The photograph above left shows the opening in the barrel into which the seed to be implanted is loaded.  The photograph above right shows the tips of two implanters. The pistons that are used to push the seeds have been extended beyond the tips of the implanters.


Radium Chemical Company catalog. Radium Radon. No date. ca. 1940s, 1950s.

Union Miniere catalog. Radium, Radon, Radium D. No date.

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