Cambridge Model BM 18230 Charger (late 1940s)

This charger was manufactured by the Cambridge Instrument Company Inc. of New York sometime in the late 1940s. It was designed to be used with direct reading pocket dosimeters such as the Cambridge Model BM 18050. The military designation for this instrument was the PP-527/PD.

Case:  4 1/4" x  5" x  4 3/4" black aluminum.

Weight: 3 lbs. 

Light: 2.2 volt flashlight bulb.

Battery: one 1.5 volt D cell and six 30 volt 

High voltage: 130 - 180 volts

Donated by Ron Kathren


Campbell, Radiological Defense, Vol. IV, Armed Forces Special Weapons Project, ca. 1950, p. 60.

Atomic Energy Commission Radiation Instrument Catalog #2, page date July 1, 1949 p.AV-7A.

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