Civil Defense

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CDV Instruments

Manuals for most of these instruments as well as many general civil defense publications can be found at the Museum Library

For some general information about the U.S. RADEF program and CDV instruments, click the Info Button 

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CD V-138

CD V-457

CD V-700

CD V-700 Extended Range

CD V-700M

CD V-705

CD V-710

CD V-711

CD V-715

CD V-717

CD V-718

CD V-720

CD V-725

CD V-730

CD V-740

CD V-742 

CD V-750

CD V-750 Model 6

CD V-755 High School Kit

CD V-757



CD V-777 

CD V-777A 

CD V-777-1

CD V-777-2 

CD V-781 CD V-787 CD V-799

Civil Defense R&D Prototypes

For a little information about prototype CDV instrument development and research click the Info Button

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The "SCRED" The "Discotek"

Directional Survey Meter

Edison Survey Meter

CD V-138 Prototype Dosimeters

CD V-726-BX  Prototype Ratemeter

CD V-726DX  Prototype GM Meter

CD V-746BX Prototype Self-charging Dosimeter

CD V-750 Model 6  Prototype 

CD V-751X Prototype Dosimeter Charger

Citizens Civil Defense Instruments

El-Tronics CD V-710  "Rad-Tek" CD V-727 Citizens Radiological Survey meter Victoreen Model 61720 Fallout Detection Meter Bendix Family Radiation Measurement Kits
Landsverk Fallout Radiation Measurement Set Nu-Klear Fallout Detector  Kearny Fallout Meter Beckman CD-3 Ion Chamber

Miscellaneous Civil Defense Instruments

Nuclear Research Corp. SM-5A

Victoreen CD V-715 Model 815A

Model 125 Electrometer

Modified CD V-715 from BNL

The LeVine Meter

Jordan AG-15

Miscellaneous Civil Defense Stuff

Evacuation Route Sign

Fallout Shelter Signs

LP Record from Precision Radiation Instruments

Civil Defense Comic

Wanted: The Following Items Are Not In The ORAU Collection

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 CD V-711 Jordan 

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