Radioactive Consumer Products

Everything is radioactive. The question is, "How radioactive?"

As is often necessary, the scope of this category is being stretched  -  a number of the items shown here were never sold to the public as consumer products. 

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Bathroom Tile

Spot Plate

Porcelain Dentures


Cloisonné Jewelry

Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium Dice

Depleted Uranium Frizzen

Depleted Uranium Penetrators


Vaseline-Uranium Glass

Uranium Containing Marble

Thorium-Containing Consumer Products

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Incandescent Gas Lantern Mantles

Welding Rod

Magnesium-Thorium Alloy

Thoriated Camera Lens


Low Sodium Salt

Brazil Nuts

Check·Up Gum


Uranium Containing Pencil

Radioactive Spark Plugs

Antidiarrhea Medication

Glossy Magazines

Smoke Detector

Cat Litter

Static Eliminator

Electron Tubes


Water Softener Salt

Jewelry made of radioactive watch parts

Tape Dispenser



"Radio" Golf Ball


The following are not in the ORAU Collection but are shown for informational purposes



Lightning Rod/Arrestor

Radium Containing Industrial Smoke Detector


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