Argonne National Laboratory Film Badge (ca. 1950)

I have no information about this film badge other than the fact that it obviously came from Argonne National Laboratory.  I am guessing it is of very early vintage, ca. 1950, because of the relatively primitive filtration system.  Approximately two thirds of the film packet was covered with a cadmium filter. With the exception of a square window for betas and low energy photons, the rest of the badge was made of tin. In the early to mid 1950s, other national laboratories began using plastic badges with multiple filters (e.g., copper, cadmium and lead) to evaluate the effective energy of the gamma rays and x-rays.


I suspect that this particular badge was not actually used but was employed for demonstration purposes  -  the clip has been removed and there is no film inside.

Size:  2" x  2.5"

Donated by Ron Kathren

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