"Atometer" Colorimetric Dosimeter (ca. 1952 - 1955)

The Atometer was a simple colorimetric dosimeter manufactured by Magnex Corporation of Jamaica , New York


The instructions on the side read:  "After an atom bomb explosion to determine the degree of exposure to gamma radiation:

1.      Tear lemon yellow control panel and inner lead foil wrapper.

2.      Compare color of  liquid with control panel and with color bands.

3.      Scratch a check mark on matching color band or control panel

4.      Close panel and avoid exposing liquid to light."

Control Panel color bands       Golden Yellow:             50R

                                               Orange :                        150R

                                               Orange Red:                 400R

                                                Red:                             600R

Size:  2.25  x 0.75

Weight: 1 oz


Nucleonics August 1952 p 84;

Atomic Energy Commission Radiation Measuring Instruments, RIB-8 (supplement 2) July 1, 1954 , page BFC-1A;

Donated by Jack Greene

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