Keleket Pocket Chamber (ca. late 1940s)

While there are no markings or identification of any kind on this indirect-reading dosimeter, there can be no doubt as to who made it. Only one manufacturer used these rich deep colors: Keleket.  Further confirmation is provided by the fact that the fittings on the end of the barrel are identical to those on other dosimeters known to be manufactured by Keleket.  


My guess is that this is a fairly early example because the cap protecting the charging contact uses a threaded fitting.  The problem with threaded fittings was that wear of the threads sometimes created small loose bits of metal that would short out the dosimeter. It would seem that by 1951 or so, threaded fittings were replaced by a plastic compression-type fitting (Morgan, 1951).


Size:  4.5 long and 0.5 in diameter

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