Keleket K-180 and Two Other A.M. Samples Film Badge Holders (late 1940s, early 1950s)

Although they have no markings to indicate that this is the case, these three stainless steel film badge holders were almost certainly manufactured by the A.M. Samples Machine Company of Knoxville Tennessee. The badge on the left is identified as the Keleket Model K-180, the other two have no markings of any kind. 
The Keleket K-180 on the left, and the badge in the middle are of identical construction. Their design is the same as the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Model PF-4B illustrated in the 1950 Atomic Energy Commission, Radiation Instrument Catalog.

The badge on the right is identical to the AEC Model PF-4F illustrated in the 1954 AEC Supplement for the Radiation Measuring Instruments and Associated Components.


Although the photograph to the left is of the Keleket K-180, the component parts of all three badges are identical. 

Each badge consists of two sections that slide together. While they have the capability of holding two film packets, the only two badges that contain film, have one packet each. 

The bottom of the badge has a window. Darkening of the film behind the window is indicative of the exposure to low energy photons and betas as well as gamma rays. 

The upper portion of the holder incorporates a cadmium filter to reduce the film's over-response to low energy photons.


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Atomic Energy Commission, RIB-8 Supplement 2  for the Radiation Measuring Instruments and Associated Components July 1, 1954, page PF-4F.

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