Chalk River Electrometer


This instrument, a variant of the Lindemann electrometer, was built at Chalk River Canada , probably in the 1940s. It has been opened up so that its internal structure can be seen.  In the photograph above, a screw-on cap (held by a beaded chain) at the bottom of the unit protects the electrical connection for an ion chamber.

The quadrants are of a different construction than the flat plates of the Lindemann electrometer.  If viewed from the side, each quadrant looks somewhat like the letter "F"  



The sensing element is a short (ca. 2 cm) rigid fiber that is attached at the middle to a taut suspension fiber. The latter is attached at each end to a vertical post.  


In the photograph to the right, the moveable quartz fiber, but not the suspension fiber to which it is attached, is barely visible.

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