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Electroscopes Designed for Electrostatic Measurements


Bennet-type Gold Leaf Electroscope

Volta Condensing Electroscope

Czech Gold Leaf Electroscope

 Kolbe's Electroscope by Max Kohl

Kolbe's Electroscope by Leppin & Masche

Chatlock's Electroscope by Griffin

Reynolds & Branson Gold Leaf Electroscope

Projection Gold Leaf Electroscope

Cylindrical Beetz-type Electroscope

Cylindrical Beetz-type Electroscope

Electric Manufacturing Co. Electroscope

Braun Electroscope

Electroscopes Designed for Measurements of Radioactivity

Zeleny Electroscopes
Exner Electroscope
Modified Exner Electroscope

Electroscopes of Cheneveau and Laborde

Lind Electroscopes

Gold Leaf Electroscope for measurements of radioactivity

Art Snell's hand-built Electroscopes

Wilfred Mann's Electroscopes

Electroscope for Radioactive Gases

Robley Evan's Lauritsen Electroscope

Model 2 Fred C Henson Electroscope

Landsverk Model L-64 Roentgen Meter


Landsverk Model L-75 Analysis Unit

GE Radiation Monitor

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Camera for recording movement of electroscope fibers

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