Ionization Chambers


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4 pi well (re-entrant) chamber from NBS

Beta chamber from NBS

Beta Chamber of Gino Failla

Herb Parker's free air ionization chamber

Frisch grid chamber of Elizabeth Rona

Predecessor to the Reuter-Stokes RS 111

Jordan Model CG-50 Ion Chamber

Ion Chambers for the Analysis of Radon in Breath Samples

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Ionization chamber from the NBS

Ionization chamber of Robley Evans

Ionization chamber of Victor Hess

Ion Chambers for Cosmic Ray Studies

High pressure ion chamber of Hugh Carmichael

Ion chamber from Robert Millikan's laboratory

Condenser Ion Chambers 

Well-type chamber of Carl Braestrup

Condenser chamber of Carl Braestrup for the measurement of x-rays from television sets

Unusual condenser chamber of Carl Braestrup

Miscellaneous Ion Chambers

Shonka Tissue Equivalent Ion Chambers

Cary Vibrating Reed Electrometer with Spherical Ion Chamber

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