Miscellaneous Items

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Autographed Copy of Marie Curie's Biography

Glenn Seaborg's ID Badge and Slide Rule

Glenn Seaborg and John Livingood - Items for Electroscope Manufacture

GlennSeaborg and John Livingood - Activated Sample Preparations

Glenn Seaborg and John Livingood - Absorbers

Carl Anderson's Cloud Chamber

First Issue of Le Radium

Isotope Data Punch Cards

Elizabeth Rona's Rabbits

Health Physics Ink Blotters

Standard Chemical Company Photo Album

Marie Curie Photo Processed with Uranium Toner

Uranotype of Atomic Test Able

The Radium Dance

Heavy Water

Real Marinelli Beakers

Sensi-Tomic and Florida Radiation Co. Fall-Out Test Kits

Uranium and Fallout Detector

Uranium Assay Kit for Prospectors

Uranium Test Kit

Atomic Prospector's Kit

Radioactivity Demonstration Kit 

 Plutonium Powered Pacemaker

Sampling Head for Hanford Air Monitor Detector

Photographic Radon Detector

Prototype of HASL Working Level Monitor

Radioactive Soap

Lead Shield

Canned Radiation from TMI

Frisky Whiskey Bottle

Raschig Rings

Irradiated Golf Balls

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