El-Tronics Model DS 7A "Classroom Demonstrator"  (1952 - 1955)

"A classroom demonstrator for use with Geiger tubes to demonstrate the properties of radioactivity by both visual and audible methods" according to the Atomic Energy Commission Radiation Instrument Catalog.

A radioactive sample was included with the instrument but it is missing in this example.

The earlier version of this instrument, the Model DS-7, only indicated the count rate via a neon light and a speaker. There was no display indicating the count rate in cpm.

Detector Side-wall GM tube in external probe.

Display: Indicates count rate in cpm and the applied high voltage in kilovolts.

Range: 0 200, 0 2000 cpm.

High Voltage Supply: up to 1000 volts

Output: speaker and neon light

Size:  9.5 x 7 x 9.5

Weight: 16 pounds

Kindly donated in memory of Syd Porter


AEC Radiation Instrument Catalog No. 3. Page MGM-24B. July 1, 1952.

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