Proportional Counters

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First Generation Gas Flow Alpha Counter

Early 4 pi Counter

RCL 4 pi Counter 

Low Geometry Alpha Counter (LOGAC)

Chalk River 4 pi Counter

  Chalk River 2 Pi Counter

Chalk River Anticoincidence Shield

Harold Rossi's Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter

RCL Gas Flow Counter

Bernstein-Ballentine Counter

Neutron Detectors

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BF3  tube for Cosmic Ray Studies

Chalk River BF3

20th Century Electronics BF3 Tube - Model 5EB40

20th Century Electronics BF3 Tube - Model 15EB70

Nancy Wood BF3  Tube - Model G2329

Nuclear-Chicago BF3  Tube - Model NC-205 

RCL BF3  Tube  -  Mark 2, Model 1

RCL Fast Neutron Counter - Mark 2, Model 201

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