IM-9/PD Pocket Dosimeter

The IM-9/PD is a military direct reading pocket dosimeter that measures gamma ray exposures in the 0 200 mR range.   For some reason, there were more versions produced of the IM-9 than of any other military dosimeter. The following photograph shows some of these: from the top down, the models IM-9, IM-9A, IM-9B, IM-9C, IM-9D, IM-9E, and the IM-9F.  As can be seen, there were minor variations in size  -  which chargers can be used with a dosimeter can depend on the diameter of the dosimeter barrel.

The model IM-9 used a removable dust cap to cover the charging contact at the opposite end of the dosimeter from the eyepiece.  The other models didn't need the dust cap because they used a hermetically sealed diaphragm. Despite this, the only model with a dust cap in the photograph is the IM-9E.


Standard Models:  1957    IM-9, 9A, 9B, 9C and 9D.

                                1966        IM-9C, 9E, 9F and 9G

                                1975    IM-9E, 9F, 9G, and 9H

                                1987    IM-9E, 9F, 9G, and 9H  


Size: 3 5/8 long and  7/16 diameter (IM-9) or 3.5 long and 0.5 diameter (other models)

Weight: 2 oz. (IM-9) or 0.5 oz. (other models)

Ionization Chamber Volume:  ca. 3 cc


Landsverk (IM-9 contract date 1947; IM-9F contract date ca. 1959-61)

Kelly-Koett (IM-9 and 9A contract dates 1948, IM-l 9B contract date 1950) 

Victoreen (IM-9C contract date 1951; IM-9E contract date 1957)

Arnold O. Beckman (IM-9D contract date 1951/53).



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