AN/PDR-32 GM Survey Meter (early 1950s)

A high range meter that employs two halogen quenched GM tubes connected in parallel. Normally a GM tube would not be used in a high end instrument because it would be prone to saturation. However, this is not a problem if the detector operates in the current mode (i.e, the circuit integrates the charge) rather than the more usual pulse mode. A vibrator type transformer (similar to an induction coil) is used to step up the high voltage. The meter employs a five decade logarithmic scale from 5 mR/h to 500 R/h.  It seems that this unit was based on the LeVine meter (see Levine Meter).

The AN/PDR-32 was identified as being obsolete in the 1975 version of the List of Radiacs in the Navy Program


Manufactured by Anton Electronic Laboratories, Inc., of Brooklyn New York (contract date: 1951).


Range:  0.005 to 500 R/h

Audio:  no speaker, but employs hearing aid type of headset

Size: 3” x 3.25” x 6.5”

Weight:  1.5 pounds

Batteries:  two 1.5 volt 


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