Military Radiac Instruments

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Survey Meters

AN/PDR-T1B Ion Chamber

IM-3/PD Ion Chamber

AN/PDR-5 GM Survey Meter

IM/PDR-8(A&C) GM Survey Meters




IM-62A/PDR-10A Alpha Survey Meter

IM-75/PDR-18A Gamma Scintillator

AN/PDR-27  GM Survey Meter

AN/PDR-32 GM Survey Meter


AN/PDR-39A Survey Meter IM-125E/PDR-43 GM Survey Meter IM-160D/PDR-56 Alpha Scintillator IM-108/PD Ion Chamber Survey Meter


IM-113A/PDR GM Survey Meter

IM-123/PD Ion Chamber Survey meter

IM-153/PD Alarming Dosimeter

IM-156/PD Ion Chamber Survey Meter

 IM-174A&B/PD Ion Chamber Survey Meters

IM-179 Miniature Ratemeter

440 Radiac Ion Chamber

Dosimeter Chargers, Readers



CP-95A/PD Reader for DT-60

PP-311A/PD Dosimeter Charger

PP-354/PD Dosimeter Charger

PP-1578/PD Dosimeter Charger

PP-1578A/PD Dosimeter Charger PP-630(A)/PD Dosimeter Charger PP 4276C/PD Dosimeter Charger

Pocket Dosimeters

IM-9/PD Pocket Dosimeters

IM-19/PD Pocket Dosimeter

IM-94/PD Pocket Dosimeter

IM-112/PD Pocket Dosimeter

IM-135B/PD Pocket Dosimeter

IM-147/PD Pocket Dosimeter

IM-181/PD Pocket Dosimeters

IM-235/PD Pocket Dosimeters

Miscellaneous Dosimeters

Self-developing Film Dosimeters

RADIAC DT60/PD Personnel Dosimeter

EIR3 Army Chemical Dosimeter

Army Film Badge

DT-526/PD Navy Bulb Dosimeter

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