Nuclear Slide Rules

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Weapons Effects Calculations

Radiation Dosage Calculator

M4A1 Nuclear Yield Calculator

M1A1 RADIAC Calculator

BRL Nuclear Weapon Effects Computer

BRL RADIAC Calculator No. 1

BRL RADIAC Calculator No. 2

Nuclear Bomb Effects Computer (EG&G)

Nuclear Bomb Effects Computer (Revised Edition)


Commander's Radiation Guide

M-2 Radiation Calculator

RAND Bomb Damage Effect Computer

RADIAC Slide Rule

Shielding Calculations

Radioisotope Applications Company

Isotope Handling Calculator No. 1

Isotope Handling Calculator Mk. III

National Lead Shielding Computer



Eastman Slide Rule

Schall & Son Slide Rule

Eastman X-ray Exposure Rule

Snow Obstetrical Calculator

Ansco X-Ray Exposure Guide

Tc-99m Generator Yield Evaluator

Mallinckrodt Radiological Tables and Circular Slide Rule

FDA X-Ray Trends Exposure Calculator
Syncor Isotope Decay Chart

Industrial Radiography 

Gamma-Ray Radiographic Slide Rule

Gamma Radiography Slide Rule

JEM Industrial Radiography Slide Rule

Technical Operations Inc., Slide Rule




Radium Exposure Calculator

Radium Exposure Calculator

Exposure Adjuster for Cronex NDT Film  


Nuclear Chicago Nuclearule

Radiation Dose Guide

AECL Decay Calculator

Decay Rate Calculators

Isotope Calculator - Neutron Activation

NCC Cobium 60 Treatment Time Calculator

RCL Slide Rule

Victoreen Health Physics Slide Rule


Radon Daughter Slide Rule

General Electric Radioisotope Decay Calculator

Nuclear Chicago C-14 Slide Rule

F & H Dosage Calculator

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