Nuclear Instrument and Chemical Corp Model 2584  (Early 1950s)

The Model 2584 is a portable ion chamber for gamma measurements. It was manufactured by the Nuclear Instrument & Chemical Corporation of Chicago, Illinois.

According to an advertisement from 1951, the Model 2584 "is a MODERN development of the wide-range, low level AN/PDR-T1 Meter."

Like the AN/PDR-T1, its most distinctive feature is the fact the fact that the display changed color as the range switch was rotated.  The range switch is coupled via a connecting rod (rather than with a chain as with the T1) to the mechanism under the meter face that changed the display. Each range was indicated in a unique color.

As seen to the right, pink (for danger) was used on the highest scale. I don't know why they used an M rather than a K to indicate 1000.

 Detector: Ion chamber

Ranges:  0 5, 0 - 50, 0 - 500, 0 - 5,000 and 0 - 50,000 mR/hr

Dimensions:   10 x 6 x  5  

Batteries: Based on the schematic, I anm guessing that it might have used one 1.3 volt, one 1.5 volt, two 2.6 volt, one 22 volt, one 45 volt and three 60 volt    



Nucleonics, June1951, back cover.

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