ECL  "Electro-Count" GM Detector (ca. mid 1950s)

  The "Electro-Count" survey meter was built by Electronic Counter Laboratories Inc. of Hollywood, California. It was primarily intended for uranium prospecting.

Detector:  one Victoreen 1B85 GM tube

Audio: headphone jack

Range: 0 - 0.2, 0 - 2.0 and 0 - 20.0 mR/hr.

Size:  5" x 8" x 4.5"

Batteries: as a guess, it would appear that it might have used one 22.5 volt (e.g., Eveready 412), one 67.5 volt (e.g., Eveready 467), and two1.5 volt D cells

Kindly donated by Chuck Abraham

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